Why is hotel placing free of charge?

We receive a standard commission from the hotels. We guarantee that none of the fees are billed directly to you, no hidden charges.

Does your agency replace my position?

No! We are here to support you and work together. We know that searching for the right location and organizing and event is only a small part of our customer’s tasks. Our work allows you to focus on other jobs while we research and prepare the perfect solution for you.

I only have few or small events.

This makes no difference for us. We treat every request the same. No matter if for one person or thousands.

Which hotels have contracts with AFH?

We do not have contracts with hotels and generally neither with our customers. This means that you are our direct partner for each event, because of that you can ensure there are no hidden fees. We work freely in this industry and choose the matching hotel for your request, regardless of hotel and hotel groups. Our main concern is your request.

What happens if I do not book what is quoted by AFH?

No strings attached to our quotes. However each quote we send to you accumulates expenses by funding agencies. These costs are billed after booking or at the end of an event. This is the only way we can work free of charge.

What advantages do I have because of AFH?

TIME – you give us very time consuming research work and are able to concentrate on the essentials.